Public Relations & Marketing

Posted 9 months ago

Job Description:

  • Manage all marketing materials for on-line use (website, social media, and on-line media channels).
  • Build short term and long term marketing strategies that meets the company’s plans for specific goals.
  • Build and enlarge our network by generating new relations and connections that will help our strategies being executed easier.
  • Prepare and execute what’s needed to brand the company name and it’s image locally and globally.
  • Represent the company image by attending exhibitions, events, conferences, seminars, and give presentations about our work.
  • Help studying and developing new solutions for the market.
  • Help building high level B2B relations and making good partnerships with other parties.
  • Help updating our board with a fresh market study every now and then.
  • Organizing photo sessions for our activities when needed (it would be great if you can capture some photos your self).
  • Develop our printed branding stuff (flyers, catalogs, roll-ups, and others ) and always check for the best cost/quality facilities for the company to upgrade them.
  • Help branding for the “Egyptian RepRap Project”.

Job Requirements:  

  • Fresh Grad. (no undergrads).
  • No experience needed more than good innovative mind and creative persona. (It will be tested in the interview isA).
  • Limitless ambition.. our company will be some thing like SONY some day isA.
  • A little knowledge about Photo-shop, Video editors, online marketing tools, and high taste of art is very preferable.
  • Strong knowledge of Internet use, and office programs package (word, excel, and power point) is a must.
  • Very good English written and spoken skills is a must.
  • Ability to travel inside Egypt and working in different times other than working hours (only if needed and related to the current project then).

Work Conditions:

  • Working Hours (9am – 6pm) “1hour break” 2 Days off (Friday & Saturday)
  • Location: Maadi Cairo Egypt.
  • You must be living in Cairo.
  • Please be aware that Shisan is a 2 years start-up and the biggest 3D Printing manufacturer in the local market.

Send your CV to: with the subject “PR & Marketing”.

Good luck 😉

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