3D Printing Engineer

Posted 9 months ago

Job Description:

  • Help the technical team in the manufacturing process (Purchasing, Assembly, Wiring, and other ..).
  • Help applying and scheduling the testing process for the machines and the phase between our kitchen and the clients.
  • Develop new techniques to make the manufacturing and testing process more accurate and faster.
  • Help interfacing with the special needs of some clients and understand their requirements from an engineering point of view.
  • Help studying and finding solutions for the technical problems that may appear in some machines and do full documentation as a reference for future needs.
  • Keeping an eye and analyzing what’s new in the industry from the designing and manufacturing perspectives.
  • You may have some tasks to interact with the managerial team for planning and management issues.
  • Do 3D printing and operating on the machines for R&D purposes and/or for the market needs, test new materials, and add feedback to each machine’s portfolio to enhance the optimum use.
  • Help making technical presentations about 3D printing and prepare them. Also can instruct people in the Egyptian RepRap Project we created.

Job Requirements:  

  • Fresh Grad. Bachelor Degree in Mechatronics Engineering.
  • No experience needed more than good projects made with bare hands, and real problems solved by innovative mind. (It will be tested in the interview isA).
  • An engineer = problem solver, self learner, fast learner, very good English (spoken, and written), aware of technology, very good user for computers and Internet.
  • Tools like SolidWorks, Matlab, Proteus Simulation Package, and others will be very helpful no doubt.
  • Sense of engineering in your hands and your thoughts will make your future and ours better.
  • Dealing with 3D Printing before is a MUST (made one, fixed one, developed one, have one, sold one, or any other experience should be discussed).
  • Ability to travel to every inch in Egypt (we almost have a machine in every governorate).
  • You should turn to a “Project Manager” in a year if you are the right person.

Work Conditions:

  • Working Hours (9am – 6pm) “1hour break” 2 Days off (Friday & Saturday)
  • Location: Maadi Cairo Egypt (We are looking for a new little factory .. so, it may not be only Maadi)
  • You must be living in Cairo.
  • Please be aware that Shisan is a 2 years start-up and the biggest 3D Printing manufacturer in the local market.

Send your CV to: communication@shisan-bot.com with the subject “3D Printing Engineer”.

Good luck 😉

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