3D printing Technology is all about customization
Just think of all of the ways you can personalize your home
Then Shisan 3D printers will help you to create a space that really speaks to your own style.

Imagine the impact of using Shisan’s 3D printers in Decoration & home accessories applications.

1- No need of cutting, turning, grinding and drilling ,etc.

2- Reduce material wastage.Using our 3D printers you can reach zero % material wastage.3d printing for home

3- Saves time and cost.3D printing saves millions of dollars by eliminating the need for special tooling, or dedicated molds, for parts likely to change.

4- High surface finish, quality and strength.

5- Physical objects of any shape, dimension and complex structure can be made.


Uses of 3D Printer in Home

1- Lamps and shades – Vases

2- Furniture: Furniture often requires a larger build platform, Now you can design the size and shape of furniture pieces, Then simply have it printed.

3- Chairs – Sofa – Tables – Wall Décor – Plant Pots – Door Handles – Picture Frames

3d printing services
for Designs 3D Modelling There are unlimited free 3D designs in all the 3D designing categories, so that students should only download designs for objects they need. Then, Our 3D printer can change these designs into real 3D objects.


“Imagine a world where actual objects will be created with a touch of button”


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