The uses of 3D printing in Automotive field are :

  1. Simple and exploratory prototyping :-3d printer is technology gave us Prototyping of multiple designs/ modifications throughout development phase.
  2. Beyond prototyping :- Defined products that can be easily manufactured.
  3. Producing direct parts :- 3d Printing of automobile parts for end use in commercial vehicles.


1-Simple and exploratory prototyping :- 3d printing services automotive

3D printing technology enables automotive companies to make design improvements in software model. That helps
management to see a prototype 3d modeling before giving it to the vendor of mass production. This improvement enables automotive companies to optimize costs, quality & performance.


2-Beyond prototyping :-3d printing lamborgini

– Use 3d printers: Helps in creating amazingly realistic prototypes with the look and feel of real product.

– Example: Lamborghini, while developing it’s new flagship model Aventador in 2011, made extensive use of 3D printing technologyto build a functional prototype of the car.



3D printed shift gearbox  3d modeling shift box

“Rapid prototyping” known as 3D printing,
It is one of the most cost-effective & time-saving methods.




3d Printed air-intake system3d Printed air intake system

FaSTTUBe team “We produced all of the components of the car’s air-intake system in ABS plastic using the 3d printer.”

The geometry of these parts is very complex, and normally it would take a lot of manual steps and processes to make the system. “With the 3d printer, we were able to do it in a matter of hours”





3D printing vs Casting in Prototypes “cylinder heads”


3d printers product engine

3-Producing direct parts

Car companies make use of 3D printing to manufacture some parts.Bringing benefits in cost and strength that improves the affordability and driving character of vehicles.

3d printing Car mirrors

3d printing Car mirrors

3d printing Car knobs

3d printing Car knobs

3d printing Steering wheel

3d printing Steering wheel


continue with us 2nd part and we will discuss the advantages of using 3D printers in Automotive industry .

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